Artist Development

At  Bill McDermott Productions,  we believe Artist Development is a PRINCIPAL factor to the success of an artist.  Producer – Bill McDermott has an impressive resume in the business and has worked with many legendary artists, including George Strait, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley and many others.  His achievements include Hot Single Sales, Billboard #1  Producer, and Billboard #6 Album! With decades of experience in the music industry, we can help your music dream become your reality. 

Artist Development Services:

For artist who are just starting out, we offer some basic but necessary advice and services to get you started.

Music Selection: Through the years we have established relationships with publishing companies and Nashville’s top songwriters, who provide us with radio ready tracks for our artists.

Songwriting | Co-writing: We strongly encourage our artists to write their own songs. Writing your own songs helps you become more competitive in the industry. While we understand that most new artists don’t feel confident enough to write, we can set up co-writing sessions with established songwriters who know what today’s market is looking for. 

A long-term contract isn’t for everyone. Bill McDermott Productions will give your career a boost, while YOU remain in total control. We can help you, manage your social media, prepare press materials, or do anything else that an artist may need.-For the artist who are just starting out, we offer some basic but necessary advice and services to get your career started.-For artists further along in their career, we can provide marketing and connect you with top notch publicists to help you capitalize on and expand your existing fan base.The list below describes the range of our services, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. Bill McDermott Productions works with artists who have a fully developed musical persona. Our extended network of publicists, media,  and music professionals to enhance every aspect of our artists’ careers and to develop the artist’s business potential to its maximum capacity.

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